The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your home. When yours begins displaying symptoms that something is not working properly, it is important to arrange for refrigerator repair as quickly as possible. Fortunately, not every symptom requires attention from refrigerator repair services. Check the list below for some common problems and whether you should call for an appliance repair service to have the issue fixed.

Freezer not Freezing

If your freezer does not stay cold enough, your food will not stay frozen. Check to see if the back of the freezer is cold. If it is cold, the fan is running, and air is blowing from the vents, the problem is likely the compressor. If it is not cold and you cannot feel air blowing or the fan is not running, it is probably an evaporator issue.

Sometimes the only refrigerator repair necessary is to clean off the condenser coils. If this does not help, then one of the components may be bad. In that case, a major appliance repair or replacement of the appliance may be necessary.

Food Frozen in the Refrigerator

When the temperature gets too low in the main refrigerator compartment, this may indicate a problem with the thermostat. Test it out by turning the temperature dial all the way to the lowest setting, then slowly back up to the highest one.

Listen for a clicking sound, which indicates the thermostat is getting power. If this is the case, then the problem may be that it was just set improperly. If there is no click, the thermostat is likely bad and needs to be replaced.

Frequent Cycling On and Off

When your refrigerator is running properly, it should only run occasionally throughout the day and be able to maintain its temperature for many hours. If it cycles on and off frequently to keep the interior cool, there are a few things you can check.

First unplug and pull out the refrigerator. Vacuum and wipe off the condenser coils and the surrounding area. Make sure the temperature dial is set below 40 degrees for the main compartment. If the problem persists, discuss the issue with refrigerator repair services to diagnose the issue before it worsens and stops running completely.

Icemaker Problems

As convenient as they are, icemakers on many refrigerators often exhibit symptoms that only require simple appliance repair. If the cubes are not dropping from the icemaker, check the damper door. It may have frost preventing it from working properly. Defrosting the door and then cleaning the seal around it so it closes properly usually takes care of this problem.

If your icemaker overflows, the issue is usually a bad water inlet valve. You may be able to replace this yourself or you can arrange for professional refrigerator repair.

Water Dispenser Not Flowing

When the water dispenser on your refrigerator door stops delivering water, this could be due to a number of things. Most likely the water tube in the door has frozen. Disconnect the tube and try to blow air into it. If you cannot do this, defrost the tube and reconnect it. No refrigerator repair services are needed.

If it is not the water tube, it may be the water inlet valve. Check to make sure it is functioning and that water pressure to the valve is at least 20 PSI. If the valve is faulty, it can be replaced.

Water on the Floor

Water on the floor coming from under the appliance can be caused by a few different things. First, check for a blocked defrost drain, drain hose, or drain valve on the back wall of the freezer. Flush these parts out with warm water to defrost them and dislodge any food particles that may be blocking them.

If this is not the problem, check for a frozen or damaged water supply line. Turn off the water supply to the refrigerator and then remove the supply line. Defrost it if necessary, then inspect for damage like cracks. Replace the line if needed.

While these are just a few of the symptoms your appliance may exhibit, they are the most common ones that people often call for appliance repair. The good news is that you can easily troubleshoot these issues and in many cases, fix them yourself without having to arrange for refrigerator repair. Yet if these quick fixes do not help, you will probably need to discuss the symptoms with refrigerator repair services to determine what is wrong and what is required to fix the issue!

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