Clothes dryers make up the second half of the washer and dryer appliance combination that most people have in their homes. Yet dryers are of no help to you when they are in need of appliance repair service call. If your gas dryer stops heating, you may be able to troubleshoot the problem yourself or you may be needing dryer repair services. Read on to learn the various reasons why your appliance may stop heating and whether you need dryer repair services to fix the issue.

How Do Gas Dryers Work?

To determine whether you need to arrange for dryer repair or if you can fix it yourself, it is important to understand how a gas dryer works. Unlike electric models that have a heating coil in the bottom, gas models have a gas burner just like a stove. The burner has an igniter, which is operated by the appliance’s control panel.

Most gas appliances also have a removable access panel on the bottom. Those that do not have this panel usually have a peephole. Both of these items are important when attempting appliance repair since they allow you to observe the igniter while the machine is running. If your model has neither an access panel nor a peephole, you may have to arrange for dryer repair services if you cannot see the igniter.

How to Troubleshoot When There is No Heat

Gas dryers are actually fairly simple machines and much less complicated than electric models. If your gas appliance fails to heat, there are only a few things that could be causing the problem. To determine what the issue may be, take the access panel off or look in the peephole to observe how the igniter functions and listen for certain sounds:

  • Igniter Is Not Glowing – If the drum is turning but the igniter does not go on, this could mean a few things. The thermostat that controls the igniter may be bad; the radiant sensor may be stuck open; the timer heat contacts may have failed; or the igniter itself may have failed. In most cases, it is best to arrange for professional dryer repair since the problem involves taking the machine apart to replace the faulty component.
  • Igniter Is Constantly Glowing – If the drum is turning, the igniter stays on constantly, and there is no clicking sound coming from the gas valve, this means the valve is not opening and that dryer repair services are necessary. A common cause for this is a shorted radiant sensor.
  • Igniter Cycles On and Off – If the drum is turning but there is no clicking sound and the igniter is turning on and off, this usually means appliance repair to replace either the gas valve or the solenoid. These parts control the flow of gas to the burner, preventing the dryer from heating if the burner cannot light.

If your gas dryer is not heating yet seems to be running fine otherwise, chances are it has one of the problems noted above and needs to be repaired. Make sure you mention what you have observed when you call to ask for a repair estimate and arrange for dryer repair services. Igniter or gas valve problems are usually easy to fix; however, you may also find that purchasing a new dryer may be more economical than the cost of appliance repair!

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