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Maybe looking at dryer vent cleaning in Bryan or College Station Texas isn’t at the top of your to-do list – and maybe it should be! Most people never think about cleaning that dryer vent of accumulated lint and debris until:

  • Clothes take a long time drying!
  • Lint can be seen on the outside vent!
  • There is a fire in the dryer or dryer vent!

No one wants to even consider that last scenario – and yet that is exactly what can happen when dryer vent cleaning is ignored – isn’t that a scary thought? Statistics show that most fires that originate near a dryer are a direct result of a clogged dryer vent. Don’t let that happen – call Aggieland Appliance Repair to set up an appointment right away! You want to call us because:

  • We understand your sense of urgency to avoid problems!
  • We are responsive to our customers needs – usually within 24 hours!
  • We back our work with a 1-year Warranty on parts and labor!

We are a locally owned and operated company; we care about the people who live in Bryan and College Station; and we perform dryer vent cleaning to help you avoid any problems!

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