Buying a new refrigerator seems like a simple task – just go to the appliance store and pick out one that is big enough and looks good, right? Not really – while the main purpose a refrigerator is to keep food cold, with so many options available it is hard to know which one is the right one. You have to consider original cost to purchase, potential cost for refrigerator repair in College Station Texas, and individual needs – which truly makes selecting the cheapest, most basic unit not necessarily a satisfactory choice. To get the most out of any refrigerator, consumers should know their planned usage and which model will best serve that purpose.

Efficiency and Performance

Everyone at one time or another has experienced having a refrigerator not cooling properly, leaving some food items frozen especially at the rear of each shelf while allowing others to not stay fresh. The first assumption is that something is wrong with the unit and it is time to seek refrigerator repair in College Station TX, which is definitely a possibility; however, frequently the issue is more improper usage.

Improper refrigerator usage could be anything that causes the appliance to run harder than it should or prevents appropriate cooling throughout the entire unit. The most common causes of such symptoms are: inefficient or improper loading of the appliance; not having a model that fulfills that consumer’s needs closely enough; and older models that are not as efficient as newer ones. Before seeking College Station refrigerator repair, it would be a good idea to investigate whether the unit is overloaded, underloaded, or loaded in such a way that cool air cannot circulate properly.

Usage and Efficiency

Understanding how usage affects efficiency is important when shopping for a refrigerator. The right appliance should be large enough with the right features to handle an entire family – or small enough for just one or two users. Overloading slows cooling and causes the appliance to wear down faster; cooling a large unit for only a few items is also wasteful.

The proportion of frozen food, produce, and other foods that are normally kept can also affect selection as well as options like ice makers, deep or shallow doors, storage bins, rolling bins, ease of access for children, etc. A consumer should first analyze eating habits and needs as a basis for selection and then start looking at the various models that will provide the desired good service. Available floor space for a refrigerator often enters into the equation and should be taken into consideration as well.

Types of Refrigerators

To satisfy consumer needs, there is a wide range of models available addressing specific cooling needs:

  • Top or Bottom Freezers – These are the typical rectangular model with full width doors that have the freezer either on the top or bottom. It is usually the least expensive model, although reaching food in top freezers or bottom produce compartments can be difficult for some consumers.

  • Side-by-Side – Standard units come with doors that are split vertically rather than horizontally with the freezer is on one side and the refrigerator on the other. Even cooling and best use of space is provided; however, it may not handle larger items because of thinner dimensions on each side.

  • French 3-Door – These have bottom freezers and a full-width upper section that opens via two evenly divided French doors. A useable design that requires less space to completely open the doors, its one drawback is being higher in price.

  • Counter Depth – Thinner than standard models, these refrigerators are designed to extend only as far as standard counter tops. They are typically side-by-side models that are wider than standard models to account for some of the otherwise lost space and can be costly.

  • Compact and No Freezer – Both are smaller units designed for storing limited food quantities. Some compacts have a tiny freezer compartment inside the main compartment and other, more deluxe models have separate freezers. They are deal for small spaces and a limited need to store much cold food.

To make the best, most reliable refrigerator selection for the money, consumers should consider the above listed items and determine individual needs as well as any restrictions relating to size or layout. Avoiding unnecessary calls for refrigerator repair in College Station Texas is possible when the right appliance is purchased!

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