Appliances such as washing machines and clothes dryers are widely used machines today, found in millions of homes and businesses across the world. Dryers are a great convenience that can become both costly and hazardous when they do not function properly and need Maytag appliance repair service. Learning how to properly operate clothes dryers and avoid excess wear can make them last longer and avoid costly repairs.

Proper Ventilation

One of the most critical things concerning a clothes dryer is the correct ventilation for better efficiency and to eliminate the danger of fires. Flexible, foil, or PVC plastic dryer hoses are not ideal – and not safe. They are easily crushed behind the appliance and quickly become clogged with lint that is hard to remove – and a fire hazard. Rigid aluminum is safer and more efficient. These pipes are also easier to keep lint-free. When a dryer exhaust is blocked, the unit does not allow moisture to escape, causing it to run continually and inefficiently. This overworks the unit, may destroy the motor, and possibly start fires.

Keep Dryers Clean

In many cases, lint is the main cause of problems with a clothes dryer. It is sucked out of the drum and into the lint trap while clothes are drying. A clogged lint trap is where problems begin. Clogging reduces dryer efficiency as it cannot remove moisture and overheats the dryer; it also allows excess lint to accumulate in the ventilation tubing. Lint accumulates on the lining of the tubing and further reduces airflow and efficiency, increasing strain on the unit – which can make it soon require looking for a Maytag appliance repair service.

It is crucial to clean the lint trap before every use so it is clear and can work without blocking airflow. Vent hosing must be periodically removed and cleaned every couple of months depending upon usage. When the dryer is pulled out for exhaust tube cleaning, the entire back of the unit should be cleaned as this is another place where dust and lint collect. The external vent on the outside of the building should be cleaned as well.

Proper Dryer Use

Besides venting and cleaning, another way to increase the longevity of a dryer without the need for expensive Maytag appliance repair is to operate it according to manufacturer instructions. Learn the various settings and what they do. Do not overfill the drum, as this is not economical. Stick to the basic settings and remove clothes as soon as the dryer stops, avoiding the wrinkle-free setting that costs more money to run and adds wear and tear to the unit. Some clothing may be damaged if it is dried on a high setting, so use the lowest setting possible to dry clothes, which also helps avoid overheating, poor performance, and fires.

Keeping a dryer running efficiently is very simple. It requires developing good habits such as cleaning the drum and lint trap before and after each use, regularly cleaning vent tubing both inside and out, and cleaning the rear surface of the dryer. Without the conditions and added strain caused by lint build up, the life of a dryer can increase and hopefully have little need of a Maytag appliance repair service!

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