Buying food in bulk and keeping it frozen is convenient, saving both time and money. Whether part of a refrigerator unit or as a stand-alone appliance, freezers have become a staple accommodation in most homes because of these benefits. Unfortunately, these benefits are lost when foods do not stay frozen, whether caused by a problem with the appliance or for some other reason. To determine if freezer repair is necessary, consumers need to know how freezers work and then be sure to avoid creating any problems themselves.

Understanding The Operation

The basic process of freezing happens through evaporation that is caused by high air pressure; it occurs at different temperatures for different liquids. The evaporation of a liquid is what initiates a cooling effect. By creating an environment where refrigerant is cooled in this manner, the result can be used to cool the interior of an insulated compartment to maintain temperatures colder than freezing.

A thermostat inside the unit runs a compressor, which operates and controls the entire cooling process. When the interior of the compartment increases in temperature, the compressor comes on and the process begins. Once the compartment reaches the programmed temperature, the compressor shuts off. If it does not shut off, this means the unit is not functioning properly and a freezer repair service technician should be called.

Keeping Food Cold

Because of how the freezing process works, a few things are necessary for a unit to be cold enough to keep food frozen. An accurately working thermostat is essential, as failure to turn the compressor on when the compartment has become too warm will result in contents not staying frozen. Food allowed to thaw or repeatedly freeze and thaw, affects taste and can also make it completely unusable.

The thermostat is one of the first areas that any freezer repair technician will look at when there are cooling problems with a freezer. If the thermostat is not broken, then the problem could be with the compressor or evaporator. There could also be a leak in the system preventing the unit from performing properly.


Before calling a freezer repair technician, consumers can troubleshoot the freezer to eliminate having contributed to a cooling problem without realizing it. The main reason why units do not stay cold enough is that warm air is entering and raising the temperature inside. Often the problem is not with the freezer itself but with how the freezer is being used.

Be sure that all seals around the door are intact, as warm air could enter if they are damaged. Monitor freezer use. Frequent or prolonged door opening lowers efficiency and allows temperatures inside to continually fluctuate, damaging food. Finally, analyze how the freezer is loaded. Avoid blocking the thermostat and try to keep the unit at least half full, as freezers are more efficient at this point.

It is both annoying and expensive to have food spoil because a freezer is not staying cold enough. Consumers who have difficulty with home freezers can try the tips referenced above and if that doesn’t resolve the problem, call a freezer repair service before losing a significant about of frozen food!

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