Laundry is a job often done only when necessary since it is not one of the most enjoyable household chores, primarily because there are so many time-consuming steps involved. Add onto that a slow-working appliance or one in need of washer repair and that chore is even worse. Whirlpool appliance repair techs suggest that by using some of the below tips, anyone can get through laundry day quickly and easily!

Trim the Time Wasters

Time is a big reason why doing laundry is such a dreaded task. Following are some ways to save time and become more efficient when washing clothes:

  • Buy New Socks – Whether the culprit is the washer or the dryer, most people end up with mismatched socks after doing laundry. Occasionally, a sock may be partially responsible for the necessity of a washer repair by a Whirlpool appliance repair expert. Spending too much time looking for lost socks is a waste of time. Two great ways to avoid this are using a mesh lingerie bag to contain socks in the washer or buy all of one kind of sock so that there are no mismatched ones and replace when supply gets too low.

  • Sort More to Sort Less – Setting up a few laundry baskets and sorting daily as clothing gets dirty eliminates sorting at laundry time. Simply pick up a basket and dump it in – no sorting involved. The few extra seconds it takes to do this is a small price to pay to regain five or ten minutes on laundry day.

  • Remove Stains Right Away – The longer a stain is allowed to sit, the harder it is to get out and the longer it takes. Get stains out easily with simple household products when they are fresh.

Wash Properly and Efficiently

The two biggest mistakes made when doing laundry are using too much detergent and the wrong settings, adding to laundry despair. The wrong setting can ruin clothing or worse – require washer repair, while using too much detergent increases the cost of washing clothes. Whirlpool appliance repair professionals suggest learning the right washer and dryer settings and then use at least one-third less detergent than recommended on the bottle. Clothes come out just as clean – and the money savings is substantial.

Master Folding

Folding clothes is the last step of that laundry chore – and probably the most ignored. You wait for the clothes to dry, do the actual folding, and put the folded clothing away. Consider some ways to become a folding pro:

  • Be Punctual – Letting clothing cool in the dryer invites wrinkles and wastes time having to remove them by ironing. Set the dryer and plan on taking clothes out as soon as it buzzes.

  • Work Flat – The fastest folding is done on a flat surface, such as a table, bed, or even the top of the washer or dryer. Folds are crisper, and clothing stays neater.

  • Be Creative – Depending on whether garments are hung or folded, learn some creative methods of doing this, like the Japanese T-shirt fold, instant T-shirt hanging, saddle fold pants hang, and more.

  • Double Duty Baskets – Laundry baskets used for sorting dirty clothes can be used to deliver folded clothes to bedrooms. Use one basket per room, filling it only with what goes to that specific room.

There is no rocket science involved in doing laundry; however, a few clever ideas can make the job faster and easier. Proper use of appliances can save money and prevent unnecessary dryer and washer repair by a Whirlpool appliance repair tech. So the next time you need to do laundry, rethink your habits and formulate a few methods that work best for saving time, effort, and money. Doing so will make this job seem much less tiresome!

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