Energy efficiency is an important topic today – and not just for environmentalists. More than ever, consumers are considering the efficiency of purchased home products, as we are all becoming more aware of their environmental impact. This is especially true with large appliances, such as washers and dryers, that use a great deal of energy and produce environmental waste. Older units, or those in need of washer or dryer repair, are even less efficient. The good news is that, through product testing, dryer designs are beginning to improve.

Why Does Efficiency Matter When Drying Clothes?

The best Electrolux repair services technicians advise that there are three basic reasons why consumers should want the best possible efficiency from their clothes dryer as well as all other appliances:

  • Operating Costs – Appliances that need Electrolux repair services usually operate for a longer time and work harder, using more electricity. This is inefficient and costly to the consumer.

  • Environmental CostsThe best Electrolux repair companies suggests the longer and harder an appliance must operate to do its job, the greater the environmental cost in increased electricity production, adding exhaust and other waste products, and increasing it’s carbon footprint.

  • Appliance Longevity Costs – Inefficient operation increases appliance wear and tear, especially on clothes dryers, often making dryer repair a more frequent necessity.

Building A Better Clothes Dryer

Electrolux repair services interestingly observe that while most other appliances are available with newer, more efficient designs and ecological improvement, not a lot has been done about dryer technology. Efficiency has improved over time, and the EPA has recently added dryers to its list of Energy Star ratings; however, the few dryers that made the cut are not yet available.

It is significant that the best Electrolux repair services point out that even with the discovery of a number of ways dryer designs could be further revolutionized, there does not seem to be much happening with any of the best ideas. One of the biggest issues concerns dryer termination sensors, which need a redesign. With better sensors, most dryers would run up to 20 minutes less, and decrease operating costs as much as 75 percent.

The problem is the efficiency testing for clothes dryers needs to be changed. The best Electrolux repair companies advise that how these appliances are tested causes false results; the methods are imprecise and fairly antiquated according to available technology. Standardized testing for dryers must be improved to more accurately represent real life scenarios, such as with a dryer full of wet jeans or cotton fleece and not just a few dampened squares of poly-cotton blend, before there can be truly accurate results. There must also be more detailed testing of moisture content and auto-shutoffs to determine efficiency in various dryer designs.

The failure of manufacturers to commit to finding more efficient dryer models is due to a lack of accurate testing standards; therefore, any energy efficiency rating is worthless. Testing can only be meaningful if energy efficiency ratings are changed and standardized. Electrolux repair service companies hope that the step taken by the EPA to finally introduce a dryer rating into its Energy Star system will result in change. Then better, more efficient clothes dryers that require less energy and fewer dryer repairs should be the end result!

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