For an appliance to have a full service life, it must be used correctly. The proper use of a dryer not only prevents the need for dryer repair, it can also help prevent costly damage to clothing and maybe even a house fire. Before using a dryer, it is important to understand how this appliance works and how to correctly vent it. Improper ventilation is the main cause of most problems associated with dryers and is so easy to prevent.

How Dryers Work

The best Electrolux and other appliance repair experts know there is much more to drying clothes than simply tossing damp garments in and turning on the machine. Drying occurs when humidity is removed from the air and eventually from the fabric. Warmth and ventilation extract moisture, so the ventilation is wrong, the entire process slows. If a dryer is taking longer than usual to dry clothing, there is usually a ventilation issue.

Correct Venting

Most dryer repair calls turn out to be simple problems often caused by poor ventilation. To combat this, consumers must be sure their appliance is hooked up the right way, with the proper venting.

As popular as it is, Electrolux and other appliance repair professionals state that flexible, accordion-like dryer vent hosing made of either vinyl or foil is not appropriate for dryer venting. It may work well for a short time; however, it very quickly collects lint in the coil crevices, which are nearly impossible to keep clean. Once lint begins to collect, it continues until the hose is partially or completely blocked. When hot air cannot vent freely from the dryer, it makes the appliance work harder to dry the clothing and is a fire waiting to happen.

The correct style of hose for dryer ventilation is aluminum tubing. It is not flexible, so a path from dryer to an outside vent hole must use straight and elbow pieces of tubing. This is the best means for correct air escape. This type of hose is much more durable than the flexible type and is smooth on the inside, which slows lint collection. It is also very easy to clean, meaning fewer chances of needing dryer repair.


The two most important aspects of hooking up a dryer vent are to use the right hose material and to leave enough space behind the appliance. The best Electrolux and other appliance repair specialists say there must be enough space behind a dryer for the tubing to exit and continue to the outside vent hole without being crushed.

When putting a vent tube together, it is important to keep in mind that the shorter the distance and length of tubing, the better it will vent hot, moist air. Multiple parts should be held together with foil tape only, as this creates the best seal for this material and helps prevent the need for unnecessary dryer repair.

By following these tips, personnel who handle Electrolux and other appliance repair state that almost anyone can install a safe dryer vent and expect a long service life. Just be sure to check the vent regularly and clean it when necessary. The need for dryer repair is greatly reduced when the unit can breathe properly. The few extra minutes to install correct dryer venting is a cost for safety, peace of mind, and a well-working appliance!

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